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Gang Starr was an influential American hip-hop duo, composed of late rapper Guru (Backronym for Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, real name Keith Elam) and DJ Premier (real name Chris Martin). Premier originally from Houston and Guru from Boston, but they were based in and represented Brooklyn, New York, epitomizing the New York City hip-hop sound. The entirety of Gang Starr's catalog, especially Step In The Arena (1991) ,Daily Operation (1992), and Hard To Earn (1994) are well-respected among critics and… read more

Back in Black – $24 (Sealed – $40)
Flick of the Switch – $32-$40
For Those About to Rock – (Sealed – $36-$76)
High Voltage – $25
If You Want Blood You’ve Got It – $30

ESG announced shows in Sweden and France in September, 2011. [12] An ESG show in March 2012 was announced as their final west coast show to promote their Closure album. ESG is still touring with shows in London as of June 2014 and has released a single called "Watching" from their upcoming release "What More Can You Take?!" due to be released November 2015. [13] [14]

Gang Starr - The RaritiesGang Starr - The RaritiesGang Starr - The RaritiesGang Starr - The Rarities